Notification to Shareholders regarding proposed merger with JCI

R&E shareholders are referred to JCI Limited`s (Share Code: JCD)(“JCI”) SENS announcement of 10 March 2009 in terms of which the scheme meeting was again adjourned to Wednesday, 29 April 2009 at 14h00 subject to JCI being able to convene the scheme meeting on an earlier date following the giving of 14 days notice. As a result of such adjournment, JCI and R&E will give consideration to the necessary agreement extending the fulfillment date of the conditions precedent to a date not beyond Wednesday, 29 June 2009. Accordingly, a further announcement will be made by JCI on SENS and in the press on or before Wednesday, 15 April 2009 setting out the revised salient dates and times relating to the scheme, the extended date for the fulfillment of the remaining conditions precedent, and the venue for the adjourned scheme meeting. R&E shareholders will be notified on SENS upon JCI making such further announcement.

11 March 2009

Posted in Company Announcements.