SENS announcement – Results of the odd-lot and specific offers

R&E shareholders are hereby advised of the results of the odd-lot and specific offers, both of which closed on Friday, 30 September 2011.

The results of the odd-lot offer are as follows:


Shares sold by election

Shares sold by default




13 943

14 006


14 964

2 001

16 965


15 027

15 944

30 971

Odd-lot shareholders who did not elect to retain their ordinary shares were automatically regarded as having chosen and accepted the odd-lot offer.

The results of the specific offer are as follows:

Number of shares accepting the offer:
Certificated 1 688
Dematerialised 195 404
Total 197 092

Accordingly, R&E repurchased a total of 228 063 ordinary shares, representing 0.30% of the issued capital of the Company for a total consideration of R604 366.95. These ordinary shares will be cancelled and de-listed from the JSE Limited with effect from the commencement of trade on Friday, 07 October 2011.

03 October 2011
PSG Capital (Pty) Limited

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